Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Overall today, I ate six slices of bread, two eggs, a glass of juice, 1.5L of water, ham, cheese, a gin cocktail and a Kit-Kat. It's well within my points allowance for Weight Watchers but I am just not sure that it's all that healthy.

On the bright side, I did do thirty minutes of intense clinical pilates, and three entire hours of singing (whilst employing lots of abdominal muscle action) so maybe that's OK. Ehhhhh.

Off to bed to continue reading A Series Of Unfortunate Events, as I am yet to purchase the fifth book in The Princess Diaries series. I decided that children's literature would be my "reward food" and "secret stash", instead of chocolate and all those new varieties of Tim Tams that the bastards at Arnott's have brought out just before Easter. Yes, instead of jamming my little gob with Tim Tam after Tim Tam, I am having baths and relishing Princess Mia in the ninth grade with a delicious senior boyfriend called Michael Moscovitz. And I'm loving it. It's better than chocolate! Is it? I think maybe it is. It's working, anyway. 

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  1. Ah well, at least it was in your points. That's most definitely a plus. I've had a few days where I've eaten salad with nothing awesome on it because I've had no points left... yeah, I haven't done it too often.

    YAY for pilates and singing. Amazing, amazing abs all the way.

    I am so jealous over the new tim tam flavours. There are quite a few i want to try, but wont get to. YAY for princess mia though. How are the books compared to the movies? Reading is most definitely better than chocolate :P.