Sunday, March 29, 2009

New goal reached!

Get your party hats out and your dancing shoes on! I have reached (AND PASSED) my 5% goal! That's 5% of my entire body weight when I started! And I've passed it! Blasted it!

5% goal - 109.9kg
Today's weigh-in - 108.6kg
Total weight-loss to date: 6.1kg

I'm no longer in the "More than 30kg to lose" bracket! I'm in the "More than 15kg to lose" bracket! Huzzzzzaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

The WeightWatchers website issued me a warning about losing weight too fast, but honestly. It's fine. I think it would be unhealthy if I were still to be losing weight quickly and not dieting as hard as I have been (not to mention hauling my guts at pilates), but as I am TRYING to lose weight, and I am... surely it's fine? Guess we'll see whether I put it back on or not. Anyway, I'm very excited, and were I not sitting in bed, typing this to you all, I would be dancing down the hallway.

Big news. One of my housemates, Lys, joined WeightWatchers last night! (She must be jealous of my soon-to-be-svelte figure.) I don't think we can convince our other housemate to join us. She says she's on a liquid diet of Up 'n' Go. Haha. Did you know that one serve of Chocolate Ice Up 'n' Go (the only one that tastes any good at all) is 4.5 points? True story! Anyway, thanks to Lys, I have discovered that Cadbury's Peppermint chocolate is 2.5 points for six squares, as opposed to delicious Top Deck, which is 3 points for three squares. DEPRESSING. But also uplifting, as I am happy to make the change to peppermint!!!

I was a bit naughty last night and had a "Heart" ice-cream at the State Cinema. I hadn't had one in so many years! I had to. Lucy and I went to see "Wendy and Lucy". Apparently it's a great big statement on being alone, coping with adversity, blah blah. I kinda enjoyed bits of it but the ending pissed me off.

Anyway! Have a great day!


  1. Gorgeous! Seriously awesome! Well done to you! 5% gone :D. YAY!!!

    I wouldn't worry too much about the automated message that weight watchers puts on there. If you're sticking to your points and exercising and you're dropping that amount of weight, don't worry. If it was still happening at close to goal I would probably worry then. Seriously awesome Pammy! Would Lys mind if I added her to my blog too?

  2. hahaha
    4.5 points. bleugh
    i hit the gym hard. you'd be so proud :D

  3. Thanks, Liz! Excellent. I won't worry about that automated message!!!! And add Lys all you like - she hasn't got a blog yet! LOL

    Lucy, I've figured out that the 4.5 pts is for a full serve of Up n Go. The ones you have in the fridge are only half the size of the ones we sell at work, so I think you're safe at 2.5 points per shake. :)

    Thanks, Amy! ;)