Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I woke at 8am. Had an hour-long session of hypnotherapy at 9am. Half an hour of clinical pilates at 10.30am. Now I'm sitting in front of my laptop, listening to "Woods" by Bon Iver, with my red polkadot teapot here, brewing French Earl Grey tea, two small slices of wholemeal bread with low-fat marg and raspberry jam, and a tiny chocolate hot cross bun.

This, my friends, is the life.

The sun is shining, the food is good, the tea smells amazing, and I feel so unbelievably rested and happy. Confident. Blissful. Determined that the day will be good. I think everybody should do hypnotherapy and clinical pilates. And eat raspberry jam and chocolate hot cross buns (they're probably helping more than the hypnotherapy. Hah!).

Have a good one.

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