Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Bit of a weight-gain, dudes, by, like... half a kilo. I will attribute it to the Messiah after-party in which we demolished two woodfired pizzas from Cargo, and then sat on the couch watching The Hunchback of Notre Dame while eating an entire box of Roses chocolates. Well, it was a night very much enjoyed and needed, but probably could've toned down the munchies.

I have also been extremely lazy about using the WeightWatchers weight-tracker this week so I haven't really been keeping track of points, just making wise (ish) decisions about what to eat. Fail.

The WeightWatchers website is pissing me off. I have combed it thoroughly, looking for ways to reset my goal weight now that I have reached the first goal, the 5kg goal or whatever it was. But I cannot! I can retake the initial quiz and get a new points allocation, blah blah blah, but I can't find my way back to the bit where it says "What would you like your goal weight to be? We suggest 5% first!" or whatever. I wouldn't mind so much, as the website does actually say that I'm on the way to 10kg weight loss or whatever occasionally, but then it says that I'm "maintaining" my weight instead of losing weight, and that gaining half a kilo is a normal thing to happen when you're maintaining your weight. ON MY QUIZ, I HAVE SELECTED "LOSE WEIGHT", NOT "MAINTAIN WEIGHT". I HAVE DONE THIS QUIZ ABOUT TEN TIMES IN THE LAST FRAKKING WEEK. I just don't get it. Giving me the shits.

So this week is Easter. That's not cool. I mean, it is cool. It would be cool-ER, if I didn't have to work all weekend (or at least got public holiday pay for having to work Easter Sunday instead of enjoying a nice roast lunch somewhere). The chocolate consumption has already begun. God. Terrible. I ate many speckled eggs today. I actually bought them to put on the cakes that I'm making for some certain people (chocolate nest egg cakes - adorable) but no, alas, they're all gone. Pshaw!

One of my students, Sue, gave us some chocolate hot cross buns for Easter. Isn't she a dear? Of course, now they're being demolished. Thankfully, I assigned Lucy the dreadful task of eating most of them, a task which I must say that she has taken to like a fish takes to water. Good girl, Lucy, for taking one for the team.

The idea of going swimming has been floating around in my mind for a few weeks. Ideally, I'd love to go for a swim at the Savoy Baths every morning, finishing it off with a spa bath and a massage, but alas, unless I want to part with a hundred bucks a day for the privilege, I guess I can't do that. I could go to the Aquatic Centre, but everybody there is beautiful and thin and lovely already, and I'm too slow even for the slow lane, so they tell me to go to the "other" pool, which is generally full of young people splashing each other and acting disinterested in their surroundings. Discussing last night's episode of Home and Away. And wearing full faces of makeup whilst in their bikinis in a public swimming pool. So I'm on the lookout for some other, much more private place, which doesn't cost the earth and will let me paddle back and forth up the lanes until I build up some stamina and what have you.

My dear friend has volunteered to create me some layouts for my Blogspot blogs. I have this one (you may notice that I have renamed it to be The Elephant Fairy), and I've just created one called The Fairy Soprano, which was what this one was called but I then decided to make this blog weight-loss only, and the other one for whatever I deem necessary at the time of publishing. So I'll be sure to give y'all a heads up when the layouts are up so that you may suitably admire.

I just discovered today that I can have comments emailed to me. I had wondered why I was such a loser and could never find any comments on my entries without going to each and every entry each day to check. Isn't that marvellous? I'll be able to keep up with your responses to my entries! Thank you, by the way, for commenting to encourage me. I think the road from 115.7kg to 80kg is going to be a really long one, but it's nice to know that people are on my side. I don't think I've weighed 80kg since I was 14.


  1. Why don't you give Glenorchy pool a try? Well I suppose it will be closing soon because it's outdoor. But it's great if you go early in the morning! I think it's around $4 entry. Ooh and if you take up swimming, get some flippers! Make you feel like an Olympic pro.

  2. i love chocolate buns
    gobble gobble!