Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Unexpected encouragement

I went to my regular G.P. today to get a referral for something and, while I was there, decided to update him on my diet progress. He was STOKED. I LOVE MY G.P. He was excited for me! There is nothing more encouraging than the doctor you've had for as long as you can remember telling you that you're doing really well. I mean, he doesn't usually mince words with me. He's the one who told me that I really need to make a change, even though I'd gone to him about the same issue in the first place. I think he's been my doctor since I was three or four years old. Maybe. Ages, anyway.

On a bit of a bummer side, though, his scales are nastier than my parents' scales, and his scales read 109.0.0. Which is still really good (that's a loss of six-and-a-half kilos since I saw him at the end of February), but not quite as exciting as the ten kilos that I've lost by my parents' scales. Anyway, who cares about the number-crunching, huh? My mum has always hated the scales and reckons that you should judge your weight loss achievements by measuring things. I've never actually measured these things before but have discovered that the WeightWatchers Online Tracker has a section for measurements as well as scales readings. So I might go and get Mum's tape measure and have a bit of a measure-fest. Ain't that exciting?

In other news, I am preparing myself for winter, and have succumbed to the daggy jumper. My mum is finding me one. I had to try on two of hers. They look great on her, cos she's a mum and can pull off any colour and any design and still look good, but they made me look like a hessian potato sack. I guess I will have to resign myself to daggy clothes in order to keep warm this winter, cos I suspect that our new house will be fecking cold, despite the floor heating. Since I've been at uni, I haven't owned jumpers or skivvis, and just worn clothes with open necks and coats over the top (which has always resulted in being freezing). Mama bought me two new pairs of jeans from Jeans West the other day, which was really great. I'm in the biggest and longest size for females that Jeans West stocks, but they FIT! It's better than having to look to the internet to custom-order your jeans. My mum tried on jeans and the legs were too wide for her. Bloody mum. She's got fantastic legs and a tiny butt. And so does my youngest sister. Bitches, the pair of them.

I am printing Weight Watchers recipes for low-fat muffins and soups so that my housemates and I can constantly have low-fat comfort food on hand for the cold winter months. Hobart has already been inundated with snow, and let me tell you, it was fecking FREEZING. I was really happy to be at work on the snow days, cos I got to wear my full uniform (jumper included) and hang out next to the pie-oven in a heated store.

I haven't had a single pie since I went on my diet. I think that's a pretty big achievement!

Tarrah, dieters. May the love of Uncle Karl (Lagerfeld) be with ye all.

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