Friday, May 29, 2009

A big fat sausage

My housemate just came in and told me that she has been lusting after sausages in bread with onion after seeing them advertised in a suggested recipes section of a Coles catalogue three weeks away, and is therefore in the kitchen satiating her appetite now. Haha. Love it. And she's making me one. Even better. Working 7-4 on Saturdays means that I miss out on the Salamanca Market! Bratwurst sausage fail!

There have been large gaps in my days lately where I haven't eaten and have consequently gotten a really big headache. Aaaaaaaargh. Then I eat, and the headache goes away for a little while, but comes back to punish me anyway. IT IS SUCKY. I think maybe this means that I need to eat every couple of hours, even if it's just something small. Learn the lessons, Pam.

Lucy just delivered me the sausage. OH, love.

1 comment:

  1. Oh golly, it's been ages since you posted!
    I forgot about the sausage! Now I want another!