Monday, May 18, 2009

Mid-May weigh-in

Forgive me, Blogger, for I have sinned.

I have been busy!

But I am back! I have been keeping track of my weight, etc, so now I would like to announce what the current standings are (brought to you by WeightWatchers Australia and The Karl Lagerfeld Diet Book), with total losses in parentheses:

Weight: 106.6kg (-8.7kg)

Dress size: 18 (-2)

Arms: 34cm (-1cm)
Hips: 121cm (-4cm)
Bust: 116cm (-4cm)
Waist: 102cm (-5cm)
Thighs: 71cm (-0cm)

Going well! Excited!

Flatmate just cleaned out the fridge. Apparently it was an unholy mess of crap in there. I bought an 18-can box of Diet Coke. Yummmm. Karl Lagerfeld is totally into Pepsi Max. Raves about it. It's not bad. I tried it at work. Rather sweet. All these carbonated drinks leave me a bit bloated... but that's probably good if it means that it fills you up without needing food, right? Right!

Anyway, better continue with my day.

Happy losing!


PS. You know how I was rewarding myself with The Princess Diaries books? Well! I am such a retard. I accidentally skipped book 7. AND DIDN'T NOTICE. No, didn't notice until I got the end (CLIFFHANGER) of book 8. I was reading book 8, thinking, "Hmmm... don't really remember who this J.P. character is... Must be that activist dude that Lilly was into, though I thought his name was something else... Eh." Turns out he was an entirely new character! And I just accepted him without question and kept reading! I went to a bookstore yesterday and emerged with NO Princess Diaries because I simply could not make up my mind about whether I wanted book 7 or 9! I could've bought both but then I would be faced with the dilemma about which one to read first! Satisfy my need to know what happened, or go back and read the one I missed???!!!??!!! ARRRRGH! Plus, Angus & Robertson sells them for $16.99 and I feel sure that the Hobart Bookshop sells them for $14.95. And I am stingy.

PPS. In other news, The Mediator series by Meg Cabot is totally awesome.

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