Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weight-loss buddies

Just had coffee with my mate Marissa. She's on a weight-loss kick too! She was telling me all about the CSIRO Well-Being Diet. Sounds like the Karl Lagerfeld Diet. We're going to keep each other motivated.

I really do want to go swimming. Marissa suggested a swimming class. Thinking caps on... Maybe we could go TOGETHER. OH, what a stroke of GENIUS.

I just drank an entire pot of tea with Muz. A large one. I ran out of milk for the last two cups, and they were very strong. Have discovered that I don't like "plain" tea (it was English tea) without milk. Has made me head-spinny and a bit ill. Blech. Should've just ordered a skinny latte. Live and learn!

Something I've learnt --- Home Brand diet cola tastes just as good, if not better, than diet Coke. True story!

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