Monday, May 25, 2009

Who knew? Dieting is great!

Current weight: 106.1 kg


I've lost a total of 9.1 kg since starting this big diet kick. And you know what? It's no longer just numbers to me!

I've started to FEEL it!

Clothes no longer fit me quite as snugly!

My jeans do not slip down as I walk!

My muffin-top has shrunk!

My thighs feel a little more svelte and a little less tree-trunk!

This is wonderful!


At the hairdresser's today, I was reading one of those trashly weekly women's magazines, and they had a big special on the contestants who've been on The Biggest Loser, and how they're doing now, x amount of months/years on since they first lost all that weight. What an inspiration. Wow. Those guys are doing so well! I was looking at some of the "before" photos, thinking, "Yeah, I'm that big..." and then looking at the "after" photos, going, "WOW! I would never have thought that they could be that thin!" This whole time, I've kind of been a bit disbelieving that I could ever be SLENDER, just less podgy. But it's true! Some of these girls were huge! Massive. And now they're tiny! Healthy tiny. It's really awesome. I'm impressed!

Have been trying hard to stick to my Spoonlight diet. (That's the Karl Lagerfeld diet designed by Dr Jean-Claude Houdret). SOOOOO not keen on the protein sachets. Protein drinks taste gross. So I'm not doing that part of it. But I'm doing the rest! Avoiding all the carb-heavy foods and compensating with other things.

The best thing about this diet so far has been the re-education that my body has gone through in discovering what portion sizes really are. I have learned to eat more slowly, concentrate on what I'm eating, and replace foods that make me bloated and more hungry with satisfying foods that are healthy. Isn't that boring and wonderful all at once?

I can have one square of chocolate and not want more.

I can eat a bowl of vegetable soup and feel totally stuffed.

I drink skinny milk and revel in the non-bloatedness of it all.

I have swapped pasta and rice for broccoli and carrots.

I have swapped white bread and jam for multigrain bread with Vegemite.

It feels GREAT.

I'm just so surprised! I thought dieting was boring and unfun and that I'd hate every minute of it, but I DON'T. I'm turning into one of those annoying happy dieters who tell you every aspect of their dieting successes and triumphs. (Sorry.) It's a commitment to living a healthier lifestyle, and I'm really enjoying it.

Do it! Do it today. You won't regret it. You'll feel so much better about yourself in the long run.

Have a great week!

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