Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Girl Talk

I have to say (and I'm sorry if there are any boys reading this, which I sincerely doubt) that, for me, having my period SERIOUSLY messes with my diet.

1). I become bloated. I put on about a kilo of water, and I feel fat, and my jeans are stretched to breaking point, and I just feel gross.

2). I want to eat EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. I am RAVENOUSLY hungry.

3). Chocolate is no longer a treat. It becomes a NECESSITY.

4). Bad moods. Although I have mostly counteracted the horrible PMS that I used to get (uncontrollable, wildly emotional mood swings which caused me to think that the world was out to get me and therefore make irrational decisions which left everybody bewildered for a week), I still experience mood swings that result in becoming cross at everything. Are you breathing loudly? Did you leave a crumb on the bench? Did you not unload the dishwasher? Did you get to go shopping while I was stuck at work? DIE. DIE, BITCH, DIE.

5). Period pain. All that abdominal pain is horrendous and makes me regret all of the food I consumed in points 2 and 3.

6). Migraines. Every single period, it becomes Migraine Season for me. I don't necessarily get one (though I usually do), but I suddenly become super-sensitive to light, have a vague headache the entire time, feel very faint most of the time, and start panicking every time something imprints on my retina and resembles the blurred vision of migraine-town.

All of these reasons combined together create a horrendous period experience, and one which makes dieting nigh impossible.

So I have decided!


I will be sensible...

.. but if I want pasta, to hell with it. I WILL HAVE PASTA.


  1. All I can say is...
    The Pill!!! Why have periods when you can skip them?
    As long as you have one every 3 months, you're doing no harm.
    That's 4 a year instead of 12!
    Haha, I feel like I should be on an infomercial. Lol.

  2. Hahahahaha.
    I don't know. Taking a pill every day to counteract the effects of one week seems like a lot of effort. LOL. I do take Evening Primrose Oil and Vitamin B6 when it gets bad, though. My GP was really reluctant to prescribe me the pill for PMS symptoms! Meanie.

  3. I second the taking of the pill to only get your period four times a year instead of twelve! It's pretty much the best feeling in the world to look at your calendar and think, "Oh...I SHOULD be having my period, but I DON'T."

    When I do that, I tend to only get really minor PMS. Like, a tiny bit of cramping and little headaches, but NOTHING like what I usually get (I think we've discussed our pains before).

    But I guess if you're GP is reluctant to prescribe, it's probably not such a good idea. Any reason why?