Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Losing weight isn't always easy

Two friends have recently confided in me about their own weight-loss troubles, and it's been interesting. In both cases, I can see that their food addictions stem from emotional eating, and I can draw similarities to my own case. Food is absolutely a comfort thing for me. If I feel sad, angry, withdrawn, lost, unloved -- food calms me down. Nothing terrifies me more than not knowing where my next meal is coming from. Isn't it weird? You wouldn't think that people could be addicted to food like others can be addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, etc. -- whatever the vice, it can be scary. Makes one wonder what can be done to work on it. Really and truly, I suppose the three of us need counselling through it, one of my friends in particular. I'm actually planning to go back to my hypnotherapist to try hypnotherapy for weight-loss -- he's renowned world-wide for hypnotherapy, and I've had some great successes with him in regard to performance perfectionism anxiety.

I have been quite lazy with the Points Manager on the Weight Watchers website and as a consequence have more than likely been going over my points allowance for each day. I've been so busy (and away) lately that I find it such a HASSLE to have to update EVERYTHING I eat in a day -- which probably means that I'm eating too much, maybe! Geez, though. I'm trying to keep it updated currently, but yeah. Need more motivation to use it. I wish somebody else was doing WeightWatchers with me, but nobody is. My friends have pulled out of it. Too much money for them to justify not using it. (Fair enough.) You'd think, if I needed motivation and company, that I'd go along to the weekly weigh-in sessions but I don't have time. I do have friends who are doing it but they're not doing the online version. It's up to me to motivate myself but it's tricky.

Another thing that I've found that sucks about dieting is that it can be really hard to eat well when you're running really low on money. Hello, instant soup. And what bollocks is it that full-fat milk is actually a helluva lot cheaper than 2%-fat milk? Seriously unfair.

Anyway, we trudge onward, do we not? I weigh in this week at 108.3kg, which is not great - I'm going backwards. I haven't been back to pilates or actively been doing any exercise (apart from a little walking) so I can't complain really. I really need to book in to pilates and get going again!

Just a note, too, re: Magza Szubanski. I'm so proud of her for losing all that weight! She's down to 85kg, and I think she looks really foxy. I wish I looked as good as she did. Oh well. Here is a current picture of myself, by the way - for the record's sake:

That's my gorgeous friend Bryony on the left, and me on the right. I recently went to visit her in Sydney, and this is us standing in front of the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains of NSW. Gorgeous!


  1. It takes time to lose weight. It's not easy. There's a great quote someone had on the weight watchers forums. It said "Losing weight is hard, being overweight is hard, choose your hard." WeightWatchers really works, it just needs to be followed exactly as set out. You need to track, you need to drink you're water, and you need to do some exercise. Do all 3 and you are guaranteed a success. I have an old print version of the points tracker that you can have if it'll make things easier.

    I know of one woman who lost weight with ww without exercise (she had injuries). She said it was slow at 1-300g per week, but she got there in the end.

    In saying all that, I have 5kg to lose (actually it's more like 5.5kg) again, I know it's a small amount but I'm struggling with it. I've even resigned up to online because I just can't do it on my own.

    Eating well with little money is balls. All the unhealthy/full fat stuff is so much cheaper. I would end up eating toast all day if I didn't work. I have a few inexpensive dishes you might like to try. Just give me a holler if you're interested in them (they're also really fast for when you're in a hurry).

    As for the comfort eating... it's really difficult. I do the same. It's a really hard process to break, but now that you've identified it you can do something about it. Instead of reaching for the food, go for a walk or play sims... or call a friend. Do something to distract you! It works and will eventually break the pattern. This is really hard for me to say, but a few months ago I relapsed into bulimic style eating - I could eat an entires day worth of points in one sitting... (hence the weight gain) I had to do the above to try and stop myself from binging. It can be done!!!

    *hugs* you'll get there. It's one step at a time.

  2. Btw, I love the photo of you and Bryony