Monday, January 4, 2010

What a season!

And I'm not just talking about the festive season, although that contributed to it largely as well. Never mind. Christmas is a train-wreck for everybody, right?

I lost my mojo. My motivation. My vision.

Well, kind of. But not really. I got sick of the really strict aspect of WeightWatchers and let it ... kinda ... slide ... I was still watching what I ate, and doing the exercise, but not keeping track of the points.

And I'm wondering why my weight hasn't shifted?

Get a clue, girlfriend.

My credit card details changed and WeightWatchers kept sending me reminder emails to update. I was all, "Ehhhh... I'm not even using it..."

Today, however, I read the WeightWatchers Australian Slimmer of the Year story, and realised - holy shit. That girl is a Tasmanian! And she's just lost 32kg. I'm gunning to lose 35kg. She now looks like a stick figure and could afford some bacon, in my opinion, but she probably feels fabulous and more power to her. (Maybe I'm just jealous? The concept of being so thin is so foreign to me that I can't comprehend it...)

So I'm back on board. I updated my credit card details.

My life is going through a massive change right now. I'm in the process of making some really major location and lifestyle changes, and it's all too easy to cling to food and my sloth ways for comfort, but I need to stop doing that. Suck it up and learn to face the world like an adult. So here we go, take two. Let's do it this time.