Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Back on track

Have managed to shrink self back down to 95.4. Which is not really shrunken, but I went a little mad with cake and chips in celebration of the 20kg mark and promptly put 2kg back on. Fooooool.

I'm sick this week. I don't really know what it is. I have a sick-feeling headache all the time, and my sinuses hurt, and my ear has been blocked and painful. Just an all-round pain in the ass (or, in this case, the ear).

Mama doesn't approve of the Atkins Diet, and says that a high-protein diet damages the kidney and liver if one is on it for too long. I'm doing some reading to see if she's right, but so far, all evidence points to the contrary.

I don't know if I updated about it before, but I had a weird food reaction in Sydney recently. A rash! All over my chest, upper arms and upper thighs. Weird! I think it may have been the Chinese-Malaysian laksa, which was DELICIOUS. The time previous that I enjoyed laksa gave me a migraine. There could be something in that, Pam. Maybe... just maybe... you are allergic to laksa.

That is very disappointing to me, however, as I think laksa is thoroughly delicious. My littlest sister (the pastry chef in training), however, does not think it sounds appealing at all. But she hasn't tried it! Surely she'd be swayed by its deliciousness...

Have blown up my pilates ball and keep it on my bed now (queen-sized bed in a tiny room, so I have little choice). I roll it between and under my legs while I'm playing The Sims. Ah, the engagement of my pelvic floor. I'd almost forgotten how good it feels to actually use my muscles!

Feel a bit dizzy and woozy today at work. Possibly, a migraine is coming on. I haven't really eaten today (left my lunch sitting on my bed!), which doesn't help. Much. Anyway. Much love! Thanks for the encouraging comments lately. You girlies are fabulousness epitomised. (Does that make sense? Maybe.)

PS. Have you seen my Mini Goals? (See sidebar, below Karl Lagerfeld. *hugs Karl Lagerfeld* You are my thinspiration. *cough*)

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