Thursday, December 2, 2010

Americanising my life. Or should that be, "Americanizing"?

Welcome, Pippa! A fabulous first post.

I would not call Pip a "boombah", either, or however she spelled that. She is a gorgeous, curvaceous woman, with amazing breasts (it's true, I back her up 100% on that one) and stunning good looks. I wish her the very best for weight-loss!

So I was exploring the Atkins website a little more thoroughly today and worked out that it's actually a helluva lot more interactive than I'd ever bothered to find out. I added an avatar, filled in my profile, enrolled in a course (Phase 2, as I did Phase 1 back in late May or so for a couple of months) and now I have all these interesting Americanised facts about my body. (Appropriate, yes, as The Boyfriend is American, and I have to learn these Americanisms eventually.)

Height: 5'11" / 180 cm

Start weight: 254.5 lb / 115.7 kg

Current weight: 208.3 lb / 94.7 kg

Goal weight: 176 lb / 80 kg

Current BMI: 29.70

Weight loss to date: 46.2 lb / 21.0 kg

Weight to lose: 32.3 lb / 14.7 kg

The Atkins BMI calculator thinks that 170 lb is the heaviest healthy weight for somebody of my height, but I disagree. I think that 80 kg on me will be really quite slim, with well-rounded curves in all the right places. Any lighter, and I'd... Well, I can't even imagine being able to attain a lighter weight, so... Maybe I'll reassess that when I reach 80 kg, but for now, that's my happy place.

Trying to be good again. The only thing that keeps slipping me up is CAKE. What is with my addiction to cake? And slices! Oh Lordy. I have been having Skype Bake Dates with The Boyfriend, and he seems to be looking out for my Atkins diet needs, so that's nice. (Though I did enjoy the chocolate caramel slice bake date. That was fantastic. As was the cheesecake bake date... oh yeah.)

On a low-carb front, I've discovered that Peters Entice Cookies & Cream Ice-Cream is made with fresh cream, as opposed to fresh milk, so the carb count per serving is only around 14g. That's awesome. I don't know how big a serving is. Assume 2 scoops? So it's a nice reward on the good days...

I am going to attempt an Atkins recipe called Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies. I have high hopes that they will be *delicious*. Here's hoping.

Right, well, off to keep trucking away at the Christmas present list... Spending all my hard-earned...

With holiday cheer,

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