Monday, April 18, 2011


Bit of a failure at the "regular blogging" thing. Oops. In my defence... nope, no excuse.

Pippa and I are now living together. We are not being a very good influence on each other. Pippa eats carbohydrates anyway. I'm still attempting to avoid them, especially seeing as I've had 3 migraines in the past month, all of which were exacerbated (and likely brought on) by the consumption of bread products.

I find it odd. I don't seem to get headaches from cakes or scones, but bread does it to me. I've booked in to see a dietician who specialises in gluten, etc, but she can't see me 'til June 14. Pfffffffft! Here's hoping she's worth the wait. I want answers. Am I allergic to bread? Or is it psychosomatic???

Tell you what, though; massive headaches and throwing up in a Sydney cafe toilet is not psychosomatic.