Thursday, September 30, 2010

Black Coffee

There's a song called Black Coffee. A girl I know from Tassie wrote it.

On the Atkins diet, they recommend that one doesn't drink coffee at all, because frankly, it's not at all beneficial to one, and furthermore, caffeine addiction is a problem. However, if one simply insists upon drinking it, one is to drink it black, or with cream. No milk.

I never liked coffee at all until I started drinking it in 2004. I had to stay up late to finish an assignment, and my friend Nick recommended coffee to me as a way of getting through the night. I didn't really like it, but I kept drinking it for that sweet caffeine to keep me awake. Nowadays, I'm not really sure that I love the taste of coffee, but it's such a habit to drink it. I do love coffee-flavoured ice-cream. Oh God. Drool. No! Be strong!

Before I started the Atkins diet, I had never drunk coffee black. Uuuuugh. Now, I am forced to order a "long black" when I'm out about about. I've discovered that long blacks are always varying degrees of disgusting. I'm yet to drink a truly superb long black. Really and truly, I think that maybe the only thing I liked about coffee was the frothy milk that came with it. Drinking a mocchacino is heaven, as well. Frothy full-cream chocolate milk with coffee. YUMMO.

I think my point is that coffee isn't really enjoyable for me anymore. I'm sitting here at work drinking black instant coffee, and it's kind of foul. Yet, I persist with it. Why? Must be an addiction. So I feel that I should replace this coffee with something.

I tried replacing coffee with caffeine-free African Rooibos tea, but I can really only drink two cups of it before my tastebuds revolt on me.

I drink a bit of Pepsi Max, but I really shouldn't increase my intake of that. Bloated. Blech.

I'm not really into Green Tea. Should I try harder?

I love all those fancy teas from T2 that I have - Green Rose, French Earl Grey, etc., but they're far too expensive to drink all the time.

I'm sure the answer is that I should just be drinking more water! You watch, my mama will tell me that.


  1. Black. Instant. Coffee.

    You crazy?

    I understand about the pepsi max and the gas - oh you know I understand....

  2. Ugh. I can say I've never had a cup of coffee in my life- I'm not really a hot drink person, and I hate the taste. I rely on Diet Coke for my caffeine hits, though I limit myself to a maximum of one can per day. Ugh, coffee...Funny that I was a barista for so long and made so many freaking coffees but have never drunk one!