Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Marcella, My New Favourite Friend

Marcella just came over for a cup of tea (French Earl Grey, from Jefferson's) and she brought berry friands from Jackman & McRoss. Score. I like friends who bring baked goods. I will have to tell Alex The Cellist about the French Earl Grey tea. I'm sure he will be suitably impressed, being the tea connoisseur that he is.

Lucy and I had an amazing lunch at The Nook cafe today. Total yum. I had a "tropical wrap", which ended up being this pita bread, toasted with pineapple, beetroot, carrot, cheese... so good. Except beetroot goes everywhere! I had a pool of beetroot juice on my plate. Messyyyyyy. Otherwise, I'm sure beetrooot would be everywhere, as it's v delish! People clearly can't cope with the pool of beetroot tears that end up on the plate. And the fact that it stains your mouth and hands pink. Hmm. Actually, beetroot is high-maintenance. 

I don't feel like snacking. This is a good thing. Lucy is still defeating big dragon things on her PlayStation, so Im watching that from the couch. She's playing Spyro. Elijah Wood voiced Spyro in this, and Gary Oldman voiced some other dragon thing, so it's SUPER COOL. Occasionally I giggle when I hear him going, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh!" as Lucy's Spyro tumbles off yet another cliff. And he makes grunting noises. This is high-quality entertainment, I tell ye. Anyway, back to this serious business of lifestyle revamping.

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