Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I thought that I would've put on all the weight that I lost over the Easter break, but nooooo! Apparently, standing around a labour ward and consuming nothing but Diet Coke means that you lose extra weight! I'm being careful to keep it off. Hope it works! So I'm down to 105.5! Wooooot!

I'm so excited about the layouts that Natalie has made for this blog and my other blog. SOOOO EXCITED! Love it! They're both awesome. I have always been in awe of her creative vision and eye for detail, and these layouts are of no exception. The other blog's layout is so pretty - I really like it, I think it's gorgeous. I'm currently enjoying this blog's layout immensely, though - the Karl Lagerfeld sidebars are keeping me cracked up! I just explained it to my parents but I'm not sure that they really get it.

It's currently storming in Launceston. Magnificent to watch out of the window.

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