Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh hell, Easter

Easter has put a massive dent in my diet. And not even for the reasons that you would've thought! My best buddy of ten years went into labour on Thursday. A 33-hour labour at which I was present resulted in very little eating at all and lots of consumption of diet coke. Aaaaaaaaaaargh. Not good. I've been pretty lax over the last fortnight, actually. I've gotten sick of the WeightWatchers online points tracker. SIGH. I need to get back on that boat before I put on all the weight I've lost. Don't you love how enthusiasm waxes and wanes? But mostly wanes? It always feels like a new moon instead of a full moon. (But then again, maybe the new moon symbolises the new me, and the full moon symbolises my massive hips? ... No?)

Aaaaaaaanyway... just thought I'd update to say that the diet's still here, and I apologise for being a lazy bitch about it. I blame the baby. (He eventually arrived, by the way, and is doing fine. Hurray! God bless little babies. Etc.)

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  1. Wait till I get the Uncle Karl layout up. He will ensure you never stray. It will be non-stop waxing, I guarantee!!