Thursday, April 2, 2009

Second Thursday before Easter (Penultimate Thursday?)

I haven't been that good this week. I mean, I have been eating lots of healthy stuff, but there was a block of Cadbury's peppermint chocolate just LYING AROUND, I TELL YE. I'm currently sitting on the loungeroom floor with Elysia and her friend Steph (an artist from the US of A), resisting the family-sized packet of Arnott's biscuits.

Been to pilates all this week. Am a very good girl. Have totally angered my knee, though! I was doing these squat things on inflatable purple discs at the studio, and something in my left knee (the more common offender of my two knees, just FYI) just kind of groaned majestically, and then this SHOOTING PAIN shot through the groove, sending out little alerts all along my nerves, causing other parts of my body to spasm briefly in sympathy. (I am not kidding.) And now, at various intervals throughout the day, my knee gives a yell and stabs me (stabs me right in the eye) to remind me that it's not happy. So I have given in and booked an appointment to actually see my physiotherapist, instead of being cheap and just using her studio for individual clinical pilates sessions. (Elke Rudolph is a dream come true in the world of physiotherapists. Can't recommend her highly enough.) Damn you, rebellious knee.

I discovered something today. I don't like King Island Dairy Double Cream Brie. It has brownish flecks on the outside of it and the brie itself is darker and I thought it tasted rancid and mouldy. Marcella liked it though so I gave it to her. Pfft. Cheese connoisseur. I'm cheap with my cheese. I like tasty cheese, mozzarella cheese, plastic cheese, Kraft cheese slices, wasabi cheese, and brie. And a couple of others I've tried, but I basically don't eat them because they're too rich. Like I said, I'm cheap. Give me tasty cheese and I'm happy.

Now. Easter. Mum, I know you're reading this and I'm sure you'll support me in this. PLEASE DON'T FEED ME CHOCOLATE THIS EASTER. I would appreciate Easter gifts of... love. Love, and maybe some fancy leaf tea that I can put in my new red polkadot teapot that Marcella gave me. But no chocolate. I cannot be temped. Chocolate is an evil temptress who must be denied. She will give me back those 6.1kg faster than you can say Lindt in three different accents. And we can't have that.


  1. Ah the dreaded chocolate over Easter thing. I found a chocolate covered marshmallow egg that is 2.5 points. I figure if I give them to people I'll be doing my duty for 'somewhat' better eating. No giant dream eggs here.
    I also need to do something about having you over for dinner. I'm so lazy. How is your Easter looking?

  2. I am so proud of you! You are clearly approaching this whole Weight Watchers thing with amazing conviction, and from the sounds of it, you're reaping stellar results already. With all your veggies and pilates, you're probably healthier than I am right now. Alas, I don't think I could ever do what you're doing (laziness and greediness, ahoy!). I should really look into starting some sort of... exercise regime. My muscles are atrophying, I'm sure of it.

    Have added you to my blogroll!

    Just so you know, Karl Lagerfeld is proud of you too.